End Of Days Diary


Day 3

My neighbor didn’t answer the door. I guess he’s not home. I got curious, so I ended up knocking on others…I’m alone on the 4th floor, you guys. Not one person answered their door. Granted, I wasn’t super loud or anything, but I know they could’ve heard me. I even tried to say it wasContinue reading “Day 3”

Day 2

So things didn’t go back to normal…this sick joke is permanent it seems. The zompocalypse is here and hit the US last night like a bug on a windshield. Happy Freaking Halloween. But I finally left my apartment! Okay fine, I only looked out the door, but to a recluse like me, that’s progress. IContinue reading “Day 2”

Day 1

Today the world ended…I saw so many people die. I’m crying, it’s hard to even write this. I’m so scared right now you guys. You may know me from my previous blogs. It’s still me…Izzy. Except now I’ll only be writing about the zompocalypse. Starting tomorrow I’ll post everyday around 5pm EST. Please pray forContinue reading “Day 1”

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